Gdańsk 11.11

A few photos from a walk in Gdańsk on 11.11 (Independence Day). Especially Dwór Artusa in white and red with Neptune on the first plane looks nice.
I especially like photos with this two men (bums?) with white and red plastic shopping bags full of beers in color of polish flag, especially when put in contrast with white and red baloons of other passers-by. I followed them for a short period of time waiting for them to keep the bags in the correct hands close to each other… finally when they change the hands and I was able to take that photo. The idea of picture was great, however I technically screw it a little bit… so the result isn’t so astonishing as I hope it to be. Nevertheless i hope to make it better the next time.

Gdańsk – Motława
Gdańsk – Stągiewna
Baloon LED
Green Gate
Długi Targ
Dwór Artusa in white and red

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