Tatry – Orla Perć (day 2)

Do you like or not now is the mountain photos series. There are too many wonderful photos of the Tatry mountains to leave them unseen on the HD. This time photos taken on the second day of the Orla Perć trail. Unfortunately I couldn’t take out my X100s out of the backpack too often because the trail was too hard and too demanding. There were also too few stops for a photo session. Most photos I took with a phone. Below You’ll see photos taken on before and after going back from the Orla Perć trail, so there are the photos of the shelter area, as well as photos taken during short trip to the waterfalls nearby. The views were really spectacular take a look.

Trails and Directions…

Views around the mountain shelter.

View at the lake from ours room window

The mountain shelter inside. In fact there is only a bed and the warm and dry corner needed. Luxuries are redundand. You just need some sleep and get up early to go for a new trail.

This is what you can a call a ‘window view’ !

The heli from the mountain rescue – TOPR. They have a heli landing place near. From here they can bring a rescue to the people at the top peaks and hardest trails in Tatras.

Fox. I think he is often guest near mountain shelter.

Dark grey clouds – it looked rainy, it haven’t rained in the end, but in the mountains you’ll never know.

Below some photos taken around the shelter. As I’ve heard from Michał this shelter ‘Schronisko Górskie w dolinie pięciu stawów’ is the only one in Polish Tatra mountains which is not accessible with the off-road car – all the suplies have to be provided with use the cable elevator – which you can see on the photos below…

Let’s go for a walk to see the waterfalls.

Back to the shelter surroundings.

Shelter in the valley of the 5 polish ponds – “Schronisko Górskie w dolinie pięciu stawów polskich” – 1672 m n.p.m.

Below – maybe it’s hard to believe – all photos where taken in the night…

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