Welcome on my photoblog.

I’m Waldek and here you can see how I see the world through the lens. You may see here photos from different categories from architecture, travel to some usual streets snaps – frozen images of the everyday life. I currently live and work in 3City – in Gdańsk, Poland, and therefore most of photos you’ll see from there.

I’m fond of street photography, which documents Human Condition, so you can see some posts with that kind of photography from the Streets of Warsaw, Gdańsk and other Cities.

If you are interested in my gear which I shoot in fact it’s a strange mix of digital and traditional cameras. I usually have a dilemma which camera I should take with me on my current walk. My favorite digital camera is Fujifilm X100s, it’s really great small, versatile camera which gives good quality photos. From the traditional cameras I usually take Voigtlander R3A with Konica Hexanon 50mm lens, Konica Hexar or Canon AE-1 Program. I usually have some medium format camera with me as well – Rolleiflex or Zenza Bronica ETRS.

I hope it will be pleasant visit for you on that webpage. You can contact me via email – especially if it’s connected somehow with the Street Photography…