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I permanently have no time to post and process photos. That’s why I more that happy to publish a post which is really fresh and old at the same time. I must say that those photos are 1 year old. Fortunately they were taken at the end of December (30th of December 2018) and today we have 2nd of January 2019, so the difference is just a 3 days.
Take a look how the Bergen looks like at the end of the year 2018.

waiting for the plane to Bergen
wizzair airbus
Bergen Airport
love that lemur… love the street art of Bergen. Especially that banksy’s work can be found here.
compulsory norwegian manholes
some random shots of Bergen – near Scandic Ørnen Hotel
Xmas tree on the water
Lille Lungegårdsvannet; KODE – Kunstmuseer
Rikstelegraf, Rikstelefon – Norway
First blocks of the Strandgaten – shopping street of Bergen
Some street reflections
Bergen havn – Bergen bay area
Bergen bay
View at the Bergen buildings at the Torget street
Telefon, some relicts of the past
a little bit closer. In the world of cell phones, this might be the last shots of such construction – public telephone
Famous Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf
Bellgården – One of the internal streets of the Unesco Historic Wharf
Unesco Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf
Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf
Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf
Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf
End of the year – everyone took the day off. Even nobody picks up the newspapers.
And that have to be an important message…
trolley. waiting for something
some historic graves in front of the Mariakirken
wonderful streets of Bergen
white buildings are everywhere.
I think that white color is the favorite one of the norwegians – maybe sometimes with a small blue accents.
this white color gives the impression of cleanness.
No 16
Streets of Bergen
One of the dead ends
I really like those narrow streets to the side – often dead ended.
those steets names sometimes are really hard to pronounce
wonderful views of the Bergen
there is different custom of xmas decorations. I see that star in the window is compulsory in Norway
Interesting building at Langeveien Street. Bergen.
some broader look at the same street.
going up ? each direction is good for exploring the Bergen architecture
A view down when going in the direction of the Floyen hill.
View at the Bergen bay area
View at the bay and the Vetrlidsallmenningen Street.
View at the Øvre Blekeveien Street.
Øvre Blekeveien. View at the pond in front of Skansens Bataljon & Skanseguttenes Forening
Skansens Bataljon & Skanseguttenes Forening
Norway. Trekking up to the Mount Fløyen.
View at the Funicular (Floibanen) to the Mount Floyen
View at the Funicular (Floibanen) to the Mount Floyen
In the Floibanen – going up to the Mount Floyen
In the Floibanen – going up to the Mount Floyen
In the Floibanen – going up to the Mount Floyen
View at the Bergen
Funicular (Floibanen) to the Mount Floyen
Funicular (Floibanen)
View at Bergen.
Bergen bay.
Mount Floyen
perfect place – mekka for the kids going up to the Mount Floyen.
Mount Floyen. Norway.

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