Bergen 2

Second part of the photos from Bergen. This time from the short walks on the New Year’s Eve and the New Year day. I really recommend to visit the fishmarket where you can eat something really good I love also the street art of Bergen. You can see a few of them on those photos. You can also find some Banksy’s work here.

Green door in Bergen
Floibanen entrance
Fløibanen, Vetrlidsallmenningen
One of the narrow streets of Bergen
Rode Kors in Bergen
Another narrow street, not so representative that time
i love that streetart
another one
Norwegian version of the ‘Inwazja’ in Poland
Ludvig Holberg Statue, Vågsallmenningen
Vågsallmenningen square
New year photos – blue house – blue doors
Marken 23
something with the pink baloons on the left
another street art – love it!
monsters of Norway
Street Art
monsters of Norway
even propaganda is given in the art way
gangsta fox
thist time is temporary on the construction wooden wall
result of the strong wind on the new year’s eve
dropped-out umbrella
a lot of in that area…
hm… it had to be during summer…
damn it’s coooold.
Big Monkfish (Lophius Piscatorius)
Turbot fish
The dry cod
Fisketorget in Berget (Fish Market)
preparations …. mmm tasty solomon
Fish me quarter
another stand
still xmas time.
restaurant and one of the clubs in Bergen
Bergen Havn – Bergen Port
Floibanen to the Floyen hill
fresh eco bread – I recommend it !
Bergen someething… 1992
side road
alien on the random doors
basket but the court isn’t of the statutory dimensions… especially this bench might be problematic
roofs of the unesco Bergen village
Bergen Havn
once again at the fish market
one more shot at the fishmarket and the port
Fish Me – this time closer
entrance – view from the tourist info side
evening in Bergen
evening in Bergen
Bergen Port
evening in Bergen
Lines and lights
what’s intersting in Bergen there are Trolleybuses… not often found in the cities around
trolleys and xmas lights coexists here on that photo
at the zebra crossing
xmas lights at the shopping street – Strandgaten
big Xmas tree at the Bergen square
Sundt area
Sundt entrance – love that typographic letters. Simple but yet interesting
Tram – the only line to the Bergen lufthavn
In fact it’s called light rail – Bybanen
Festplassen in Bergen. Someone waited for the new year on the chair probably
Floating Xmas tree
One more chair
view at the Bergen by night
and by day
ok. time to go home
starbucks at the airport
last souvenirs from norway can be bought here.
time to go to gate
this way…

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