Warsaw Metro

I’m so happy that I managed recently to take a few photos of Warsaw streets. I really miss the street photography. I really seldom have time to spend just to wander around and to hunt for a good snapshot. That short visit to the capital together with opening new stations of the M2 metro lines was a great occassion to take a few street photos – of course in black and white.

Warszawa Wschodnia platform
view from the window
Vistula river – and Świętokrzyski Bridge
Pendolino car. Preparing to get off the train at the Warszawa Centralna railway station.
Selfie. Fortunately there was no ‘No Photo’ sign :)
escalators from the platform to the main level of the station (still -1 underground)
At the Warszawa Centralna railway sation.
platform of the old M1 metro line.
waiting for the metro car…
View from the metro M2 at the station ‘Stadion Narodowy’ (National Stadium)
Inside the Simens metro cars.
Really elegant, faded – retro – signs at the Trocka station.
View at the platform of Trocka station
‘Trocka’ – new M2 metro station
‘Trocka’. Metro from Simens entering the station.
Recently opened (2 days ago) new station of the M2 metro line. Metro towards ‘Rondo Daszyńskiego’
passage to the metro M1 line platform
‘frying pan’ – square in front of the entrance to the metro centrum
‘frying pan’ – square in front of the entrance to the metro centrum
entering pedestrians passages under the roundabout
exit from the pedestrian tunnels – with the view at the PKiN
low sign

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