Tatry – Orla Perć (day 1)

First day of the “Orla Perć” adventure.
We’ve started in the evening in Gdańsk – we entered the train towards Cracow, and we arrived around 3 am. Then we had to catch first bus to Zakopane at 4am. Then bus to Palenica Białczańska and around 7am we entered the trail towards the Dolina Pięciu Stawów Valley and the Refuge with the same name. Check the photos from that adventure:

Bus Station in Cracow
Kraków Główny – Railway and Bus Station
Early morning – waiting for the first bus to Zakopane
Early morning – waiting for the first bus to Zakopane – also time to charging the phones
Some Free time to wander around at 3:30 am
Neons and lights at the Kraków Główny – PKP – Railway Station
Bus to Zakopane – 3:50 am.
View at the Kraków Główny Bus Terminal (4am)
Packing the backpacks and other baggages
Zakopane – private bus towards the Morskie Oko
Palenica Białczańska – beginning of the Orla Perć adventure and short trekking towards first stop in Mountain Hostel “Dolina Roztoki”

Our trail on the first day you can check on the map below… Not bad assuming that we’ve started our trip right after all night in the train/bus and going up with the heavy backpacks to the mountain Hostel.

wide forest road towards “Dolina Roztoki”
Mountain creek
Mountain Hostel / Schronisko PTTK “Dolina Roztoki”
View at the opposite side of the bridge at the waterfall “Wodogrzmoty Mickiewicza”
Path towards “Dolina Pięciu Stawów Polskich” – Valley of five Polish ponds
Short break and time for collecting some postcards and Tatra stamps.
Somewhere up there is our next stop – Schronisko Pięciu Stawów Polskich.
Looking around at the surrounding peaks
Trees, remaining of dome strong wind
Selfie during one of the short stops.
Green mountains.
Green colour is all around us.
Tatry – beautiful view around
look up
View at the Zadni Staw Polski – photo taken in the half way towards the Zawrat Pass.
Half way towards Zawrat mountain pass. View at the Lakes down there. Zadni Staw Polski is on the right. On the left is small tongue of the Czarny Staw (Black Polish Pond) in the Valley of five Polish Ponds (Dolina Pięciu Stawów).
Another selfie on our way towards Zawrat during one of the short breaks during our way up.
Zawrat mountain pass. Here starts one of the hardes tourst mountain routes in the Polish mountains (Tatry). It’s called ‘Orla Perć’ trail and is traversed between the peaks and passes. It one of the hardest trails which you can pass without mountain equipment – however minimum what you have to have is helmet and the gloves to handle all the chains, mountain shelves and steel ladders. Orla Perć which goes behind the back of those sitting guys is one-direction from here – so you cannot turn around when you enter that trail…
Zawrat mountain pass. 1h 10min of hard ‘Orla Perć’ hard route towards Kozia Przełęcz (Goat Pass).
Zawrat mountain pass. During that stop on Zawrat I took opportunity to took some photos around.
View at the begining of the ‘Orla Perć’ red trail. The one-direction track is on the right side of that ridge.
Michał prepares mentally to enter the ‘Orla Perć’ trail.
Time for some commemorative photos at Zawrat Pass.
Photo at the Zawrat Pass.
One more :)
Wonderful view at the Zadni Staw and the Gładka Przełęcz. Walentkowy Wierch is out of the frame on the right.
Short break on the ‘Orla Perć’ trail, there was just enough space here to hold firmly the rocks and take some photos of the flowers on the ridge.
Flowers on the ridge of the Orla Perć Trail
One more shot – grass close up
Red trail goes left. As you can see this time we’ve entered the mist or clouds and we’ve crossed the line of cold – you can see snow still lying in June.
Track is to the left. There is a shadow of some peaks to the left.
Short break for a few sips of water.
Leaving the Orla Perć route via Kozia przełęcz. Going down towards Dolina Pięciu Stawów.
In front of the Mountain Hostel Dolina Pięciu Stawów. Time for rest finally after climbing from 6am in the morning straight up from the train from Gdańsk.
Michał with hot tea in front of the Mountain Hostel – Dolina Pięciu Stawów.
View from our window
Some people are preparing for the night outside. There is no free rooms or beds inside. In fact it’s hard to find some free centimeters free on the floor, all is taken by the sleeping bags and people waiting for the evening.
View at the Przedni Staw in front of the Refuge.
I think this sleeping bag is not empty..
Evening in the Tatra mountains.
Path which we came here. This tourist shelter I think is the only one were you can’t acess by terrain car – all the food and other stuff is provided by the cable cargo lift.
View at the cargo lift to the left.

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