Frankfurt stopover

This time post with photos from the airports of Bucharest and Frankfurt. I like taking photos in the aiports. The only airport I was afraid a little bit was the Abu Dhabi airport.

Bucharest airport. Waiting for the plane.
Airport departures
Some passersby
Some other passengers
Busted once again.
Corridors of the aiprort.
I just love it.
Let’s take a look through the window.
Porti 24-25… That way
Gate number 4. My gate.
Look at the hall
Some passage between buildings.
Entering the plane.
Some other planes on the airfield.
Busted once again. Take a look at the guy far in the middle.
Getting off the plane.
Frankfurt Airport.
Escalator up.
Hm. Probably this door are closed.
Automatic transport on the airport.
no driver needed.
Look through the front window.
Some construction details. Interesting.
Next terminal.
going to the take-off position
The wing.
The wing 2. I really like it. I have to consider printing that picture on the wall on the good paper. It should look astonishing.
Finally in Gdańsk.

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