Last and short part of photos from Łódź. This time Hotel Grand Łódź interiors. The Grand Hotel, located at 72 Piotrkowska Street, is the most famous hotel in Łódź. It’s the longest-standing hotel in Łódź, it has been operating continuously for 129 years. From the very beginning of its operation, the Grand Hotel is synonymous with prestige and elegance. Today however you can feel the history in the walls and corridors, this prestige and elegance show wear signs and covered with a layer of dust. But surely the hotel has that something inside – the soul, weight of history. Those corridors during those 129 years for sure saw a lot.

Hotel Grand Łódź – Corridor
Hotel Grand Łódź – Corridor
Hotel Grand Łódź – Corridor
Hotel Grand Łódź – Corridors
Grand Selfie
Newr the elevators
Older part of the hotel.


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