Frankfurt Airport

There has been a while since the last post. But finally I managed to process photos from the last trip to Bucharest. I had one stop in Frankfurt, stop which took 4 hours at the airport terminal. For me it was a perfect occasion for some street or rather airport photography. I tried to keep my camera always near which wasn’t easy at times. Especially when changing terminals with cabin luggage in one hand and laptop handbag on the shoulder. During that break I had to work for some time but still I took some photos when changing terminals and later I took a break and spend half an hour wandering around the terminal looking for some great frames. My wing of terminal wasn’t crowded so you can see some emptiness of the Frankfurt Terminal. I really like those perspectives, composition and empty seats as well as some lonely passengers passing by. You can really feel the atmosphere of empty terminal with some random frames of crowd and people changing the gates and terminals.
First photos are in sepia, I tried to create my own filter with some warm vintage look but I didn’t succeeded, colors are to vivid, and it’s not what I’ve expected – I have to work on it a little more. So rest of the photos is without filters, just simple colors from X100S, with Astia film emulation.
Take a short trip with me and X100S around the Frankfurt Airport.

Frankfurt Airport from the window
Frankfurt Airport from the window
Waiting for exit
Frankfurt Airport
Frankfurt Airport one of the control towers
Inside the airport.
Airport. the reflections.
Changing the letter of the terminal
Following the passengers
Towards A Terminal
Finally normal colors. Looking at the camera.
Look down
reflections – i love it.
the destination is far, far away
thanks for the escalator
Airbus 380-800 Johannesburg from different angle and in color.
A380 at the next angle.
Airbus A380-800 en face.
empty corridors with Lufthansa logo
window, plane and symmetry – nice combination.
a lot of space, empty seats…
Lufthansa – Boeing 747
Yellow logo of the Lufthansa airways is present everywhere
symmetry and reflections
Colors and reflections
there is always a good time to read a good book.
my gate
finally entering the plane – passengers’ sleeve
entering the plane (Airbus)
Last photo of the Frankfurt airport. This time from different plane

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