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Streets of Ulcinji
Evening in Ulcinji

Streets of Ulcinji in Montenegro. Once I had a few hours for taking a few photos of streets of Ulcinji. I was able to shot a few photos how the city look like after the high season. As usual for a street photography I’ve decided to take photos in black and white. When the dusk […]

Shkodër. Albania
more popular surroundings

Time for a trip to Albania. We’ve decided to go to Shkodër which is very close to the Montenegro border – about 15km. I must admit that Albania and Shkodër very positively surprised me. The day was very hot, full sun, the city full of colors, shadows and interesting frames. I like that both Christian […]

Bosnia & Hercegovina
Neretva River. Mostar

A new gallery from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We entered the Bosnia close to the Banja Luka where we spent first night. In the morning we headed out towards the main target City for the afternoon – Mostar and the Old Bridge. On our way we had one of our stops in Jajce. Very nice small […]

Landing in Bucharest
at the terminal. waiting for the passengers

Landing in Bucharest. A few photos taken when landing in Bucharest. First photos taken in Romania at the Henri Coanda airport…

wing - evening

A small collection of the photos of the wingtips during the flight with Lufthansa. Check how different conditions you can see during one flight.

Frankfurt Airport in B&W
Emptiness of black and white Frankfurt airport

Black and White gallery of the Frankfurt Airport. I originally took photos with B&W setting in camera (with RED filter) – I’ve done it on purpose, to concentrate on shapes, shadows and blacks. I think it was worth it.