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March in Warsaw
Behind the glass... It could be a nice photo but it lacks a few feet...

March in Warsaw – different photos from different places in Warsaw. They have only few things in common: B&W, X100s, and all were taken in March. Take a look.

Zeiss Ikon Nettar + old Delta 400
wooden footbridge at the Świerszczeń lake at the Suwalszczyzna region

A long time ago I’ve loaded mine Zeiss Ikon Nettar with the old Ilford Delta 400 film. I think it expired about 2001 or 2002. I seldom had this camera with me so it take quite a long time to shoot all 8-9 frames (Nettar takes photos in 6×9 format). When shooting film, when it’s […]

Architecture. Evening. Warsaw
wide view. perspective of the 28mm

Recently I’ve changed the place I work. I mean the location. Currently I work in the centre in the building where I have a great view at the PKiN palace and surrounding skyscrapers. I would have a better view from the window if there hadn’t been a big ad on the whole building wall. I […]

Flying Home
Ring road junction

Flying home from Riga was a perfect occasion for some shots through the window. Just a couple of shots on the Riga airport during removing the ice from the airplane, few from the flight itself with a view on the LOT logo on the wingtips and a few just before landing with a view on […]

Riga by Night
Famous Riga market building.

Riga by night. Another sequence of photos from Riga, Latvia. This time from the evening tram trip to the suburbs of Latvia – Maskavas iela. It was interesting trip but I didn’t feel safe in that area after dark, so mostly because of that and cold the trip was very short. It must be very […]

Nice. I like that photo.

Next part of photos from Latvia. This time from the winter Jurmala. The city was very peaceful, just a few people were wandering around, moslty because of the cold. This time some shots in color…