Sveti Stefan

Trip to the Sveti Stefan. We had to visit that place while in the Montenegro with it’s the most expensive beach in the Mediterranean. 100€ per beach set per day – used mostly by the VIPs staying in the Sveti Stefan Luxury Hotel. We’ve been upset when it occured that entrance to the Sveti Stefan is available only for notable hotel guests – we’ve seen some Sheikh going out for a walk – but we’ve decided to check the surroundings and enjoy the view of the Island from the distance.
Going back we’ve stopped for a moment and took some nice photos of the Petrovac Bay – take a look…

Sveti Stefan Island

Sveti Stefan Island closer

Beach – less expensive one close to the Sveti Stefan


everything closed inspite the nice weather

Sveti Stefan Luxury Hotel Exclusive Beach. Beach Set Price 100 €

The most expensive beach in Montenegro

Beach to the Sveti Stefan


Another wonderful bay close to the Sveti Stefan Island

Different angle

Take a look at the water color. Wonderful.

Prices of the beach set here is much cheaper – 15-30 €. I’m glad we’ve been there off-season

Mediterranean landscape

Close to the Petrovac. View at the bay.

Petrovac City is on the left.

Some Island. There is some kind of shrine. Hard to say without the binoculars

view from the sea level

One of two shots of the Petrovac by night

Petrovac. In real the city is much more interesting than viewed on those two photos.

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