Shkodër. Albania

Time for a trip to Albania. We’ve decided to go to Shkodër which is very close to the Montenegro border – about 15km. I must admit that Albania and Shkodër very positively surprised me. The day was very hot, full sun, the city full of colors, shadows and interesting frames. I like that both Christian churches and mosques coexist, cuisine suits me, interesting architecture and buildings, open people. It’s really recommended to go there. If there will be possibility I will visit that place once again.
When shooting photos and checking the results on the back of the screen I forgot how good the lens of Fujifilm X100s is. Now when posted and selected I really love some results – the colors, black and whites, contrast – love it. Check it out.

Evening in Crna Gora

towards Albanian border

in the queue to the border. business as usual

Crna Gora. Dowidenja

Destination: Shkoder 15km

First view at the Albanian roads

mosques in every village

In Shkoder

main street of the Shkoder city

look to the right

One of the interesting bulidings in Shkoder

Stadiumi to the right

It’s open ?

Flag of Albania

I had to take it in black in white. I love those contrasts and shadows.

Shops in Shkoder

Plants at the balcony

closing the shop


last items – closing the shop

bike parking

call me.

energy lines – love it.

lines, lines…

the boy looking inside

looking right

I wonder whether it’s his home…

connection to heaven

the school through the wall

I think we’ve been here before. The Stadium is to the right as before.

the main street – the other end.

In Shkoder you can see mosques as well as Christian churches – they coexist here.

light, colors and buildings – love it.

trolleys (by Olga)

Prepared for the Xmas ?


As I said – mosque.

barber – speciale

more popular surroundings

wonderful stone street

colors and light.

evening in Shkoder

evening in Shkoder (2)

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