Piotrkowska Street, Łódź

Street photos. Mainly from the Piotrkowska Street – very interesting place especially for the street photographer. I wish I could spend more time there.

Hotel Grand Łódź
Piotrkowska Street
Piotrkowska Street
OFF ! Łódź
Umyj tutaj !
Tram junction
under umbrella
Łódź situation map
Piotrkowska – view a kilometer(s) farther
Coffee and sushi
Kawa – Coffee. “Przędza” higly recommended cafe.
Hotel Grand
Another shot of Piotrkowska Street
Ghosts and zombies of Piotrkowska
The next morning – piano on Piotrkowska Street
Piotrkowska Street during the day
Piotrkowska Street during the day – the opposite direction
One of th gates at the Piotrkowska Street
Piotrkowska Street and Struga Street intersection
OFF Piotrkowska
The beginning of the Piotrkowska Street
old being replaced by the new
Tram junction
waiting for the green
zebra crossing
view at the roof of the tram junction
trams in Łódź
waiting… too long probably.
Hotel Grand and the local Star Avenue…
foto. It’s open.
Wawel Neon.
Umyj tutaj ! (Clean here !)
Umyj tutaj !
Piotrkowska OFF !
Łódź bike stands
Przędza cafe wall…
Przędza cafe. Highly recommended !
Patio with the Przędza Cafe. View towrds the Piotrkowska Street.
Hats, hats, hats…
One of the gates of Piotrkowska Street.
Piotrkowska during the night. View from the second end of the street (or exactly the begining – the house numbering starts from here)
tram rails
panning exercise. Trams of Łódź.
manholes : Łódź
Star avenue near Hotel Grand.
The next day. Streets of Łódź.
Streets of Łódź
Streets of Łódź
Piotrkowska and Mickiewicza Street intersection – second end of the street (representative, available for the pedestrians)

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