Peles Castle

Strange connection between posts. Previous post ended with the hotel corridors and that ones begins with another but in different country. This time I managed to process some photos from the trip to Romania and Peles Castle.
Take a look. Remember to read comments below the photos ! I hope you’ll like them :)

Bucharest Hotel corridor
IBM HQ – Buchrest
Look up in the IBM HQ Romania
Casa Presei Libere – House of the Free Press, not so usual perspective
Strada close to the House of the free press
Roundabout. House of the Free Press far in the back.
Going to the Peles Castle. Leaving the Bucharest.
Now time for some strange photos from the bus window.
Factory – Mefin Sinaia – part of the building
Sinaia probably… with local dogs.
La Strada restaurant in Sinaia
some street action from the bus
another snapshot from the bus window
Sinaia houses.
Electrice before, now Xerox and Fax
Electrice needed…
Romanian Post Box
Peles Castle – first distant view.
Some strange frames from Peles castle surroundings. Be prepared. With 35mm only it’s hard to complain about cut frame or objects in the frame.
Monuments in front of the castle
monuments in the woods
as always – photo from the back even with the stone people
As I said… this time the real one
Wonderful roof inside
Some random shots from the short sightseeing castle Peles
Don Kichot ? I haven’t listen to the guide. Sorry.
Weaponry. Choose you death.
Books. I wonder whether they are real…
The guide itself shows the hidden passage
Were are the muses ? Or is it harp of the Appollo or Orpheus or on the contrary the evil Drakula on Friday evening gave famous harp concerts ?
Traditionally – some reflections
Light from the huge chandelier
Love this photo. The same Chandelier but from below.
Compulsory selfie in some random mirror.
Room in the different style – but I don’t remember the guide’s strory right now… maybe connected with some history period of the castle
Jules ! How you’re doing ?
Some precise decoration work.
Under invigilation all the time…
Peles Castle. During the day looks really nice. With those greens and blues. Imagine the same castle close to the midnight during the storm with strange noises around…
Btw. busted ! (in the background)
Some souvenirs and …
Some random photo of the surroundings.
So… where to you want to go ?
Road back to the Bucharest.
Some rooftops
…and Trains. I would like to travel with some local transport someday.

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