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November Warsaw
Going up - Stare Bielany Station

Recently, when in Warsaw, I had a free couple of hours in the evening and I was able to hit the Warsaw streets with camera. Whether was not perfect, as it was rainy and cold – but even that weather can be used in positive way – reflections in the water looks wonderful in the […]

Ferris wheel
View at the Ferris wheel in Gdańsk form the bank of the Motława river

Finally I’ve downloaded all photos from the Leica M8 SD Card, now I just need a time to process them. It would be useful also for processing and developing all the film rolls waiting for develop. Anyway this time first bunch of photos taken in August 2016 in Gdańsk. As you can see the delay […]

Morning in London
Going at the opposite direction.

Next post. This time with photos taken during fly to London and the next morning when going to the conference. I was happy to take some photos in the morning where people were rushing to their work. I even decided to take some photos in color as i like colors of London: mainly navy blue […]

Evening in London (Part 2)
London Streets: Following the 277...

Time for second part of the Evening in London post. This time second part of street photos while commuting via London transportation and then the early morning trip via DLR to Stratford Station and later a few photos taken on airports. Take a look!

Evening in London (Part 1)
London Streets: Moorgate Station

Recently I visited London for a short while. Really short. Just for a one day – especially for the conference. During that time I had really only some time in the morning while commuting to take a few photos of londoners rushing to work and in the evening I reserved some time to wander around […]

Short visit in Wrocław
Wrocław Główny Train Station building - view from the side.

A few days ago I took a short business trip to Wrocław. Of course I had to have a camera with me. As I wanted to travel light I decided to take the Fujifilm X100S with me this time – no film camera this time. Fuji was lying a little bit unused recently as I […]