November Warsaw

Recently, when in Warsaw, I had a free couple of hours in the evening and I was able to hit the Warsaw streets with camera. Whether was not perfect, as it was rainy and cold – but even that weather can be used in positive way – reflections in the water looks wonderful in the photos. I was able also to travel a little bit in the Warsaw metro – as it’s the only polish city with that kind of transport.
Take a look at those B&W photos.

Warsaw – in the tram

Warsaw – in the tram

Warsaw – getting off the tram – Wierzbno Metro Station


Entering undergrounds of the Wierzbno Metro Station

Wierzbno Metro Station platform

Wierzbno Metro Station platform

Wierzbno platform

The old cars of the Warsaw Metro – from the Metrovagonmash

Checking messages

Finally time to read

Going up – Stare Bielany Station


Karowa Street – Warszaw Old Town

Krakowskie Przedmieście Street. Hanging Xmas decorations

Staszic Palace

Świętokrzyska Street.

Świętokrzyska Street and view at the Nowy Świat – Uniwersytet Metro Station

Umbrella at the Nowy Świat Street

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