December in Tricity

Some streetphotography from the Tricity. Those are not recent as photos were taken in December, but I hope they are still interesting.
Those photos were taken along the SKM Gdańsk – Gdynia line. Commuting is very interesting, you can always take some interesting shots. People, stations, situations – I really like to take photos there. Tricity’s SKM in fact is second best to the metro line.

Entering the tunnel to the Station
Gdańsk Politechnika SKM Station (SKM – Metropolitan Railway)
Elevator on the platform – mounted during the recent station renovation
SKM train. Old EN57 electric multiple unit used by Szybkie Koleje Miejskie
Direction: Gdańsk Główny. People getting off at the Gdańsk Politechnika Station
Train towards Gdynia.
Moving quickly to Gdynia. Gdynia Redłowo SKM Station.
Mysterious PPNT Gdynia Corridors.
PPNT Leader of the 2016 Ad.
Reflections. Mysterious man standing in the opposite window.
Evening at the Gdynia Redłowo Station.
Platform of the Gdynia Redłowo Statoin.
Checking timetables. I love those glass reflections.
Wonderful Typography of the Redłowo station name. Be prepared for more photos of it- whenever I’ll be on that station.
Ticket Office with the same typography : “Kasa biletowa”
I just love that photo – people under the ‘hot-dogi’ sign. I like the atmosphere of that photo.
Waiting for the train towards Gdynia Główna.
Train is approaching.
That look.
SKM Window.
In the foggy cramped compartment.
Mobiles – center of the cultural life.
Queue to the exit.
Waiting for the train to stop.
Time to get off. (Gdańsk Wrzeszcz)

As a bonus – two photos – both from the Old Gdańsk Shipyard Area. That area is slowly absorbed by the city and adopted for different purposes.

Bio-Market in the old Gdańsk Shipyard Building.
Gdańsk Shipyard buildings.

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