Bosnia & Hercegovina

A new gallery from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We entered the Bosnia close to the Banja Luka where we spent first night. In the morning we headed out towards the main target City for the afternoon – Mostar and the Old Bridge. On our way we had one of our stops in Jajce. Very nice small city, we entered the city via tunnel under the castle. On the buildings around there can be visible footprints of the recent conflict. Holes in the walls after the bullets, left buildings, ruins of the Orthodox monastery and many more.
After that stop we went to Mostar – the place I always wanted to visit. The Old bridge over Neretva river is really fabulous worth to see long travel. The bridge was destroyed during the Bosnian war and was reconstructed in 1999-2004. Mosques in Mostar clearly show that Bosniaks/Muslims are significant part of the Mostar citizens.

Tunnel in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Towards Banja Luka.
Sarajevo and Centar straight ahead.
Next day. Morning in Banja Luka.
Roads in Bosnia.
Kolodvor – Bus station. I think it’s in Jajce.
Buildings in Jajce. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Traces of War. Many bullets hit that wall of the buildings. Not long ago. Jajce. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ruins of the Orthodox monastery in Jajce
Entrance to the remainings of the Orthodox monastery. Bullets signs everywhere.
Some other ruins. It looks like it was a school before the war.
empty windows
Still visible signs of recent war.
Other buildsings
View at the surroundings of Jajce. The was white cementery visible from here. But I should have a tele lens for that.
Going farther. This time towards Mostar.
One of the stops on our way to Mostar.
Roads of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Islamic death notices
The Neretva River in Mostar. Bosnia and Herzegovina
Neretva River
View at the Koski Mehmed pasa Mosque.
Short walk towards Stari grad (Old City)
Koski Mehmed pasa Mosque.
Tourists in Mostar
The Old Bridge in Mostar
The Old Bridge. Mostar
The Old Bridge
Neretva River. Mostar
On the bridge.
Bridge from the side.
Wandering around the bridge.
This gate surely saw a lot during the conflict.
Local Murals
Koski Mehmed pasa Mosque.
Another destroyed building
And another one…
Mostar. Signs of war.

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