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Again in Cuzco

After visiting Machu Picchu, the next day early morning we had train to Ollaytantambo from Aguas Calientes. It was the most commercial train i’ve been to. Fashion show with selling alpaca sweaters, music, traditional peruvian dancer, really too commercial for me. It was really TOT – tourists oriented train… and also one of the most expensive ones – $40 for 40km, with a speed of quick mud turtle… it’s really interesting.
From Ollaytantambo we took a small private bus to Cuzco… as a gringos we payed 16 soles (about 18 PLN), when locals payed about 5… there is no justice on this world.
Soon i should post some new photos from that day… in the mean time i would like to show you some shots from the Cuzco – especially a glass of ‘mate de coca’ and some photos from the nice late dinner in one of chineese restaurants in Cuzco where owner played us some traditional inca songs and musics…

mate de coca

mate de coca

tourists shop...

tourists shop…

peruvian music...

peruvian music…

the owner playing the harp

the owner playing the harp

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