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Archive for September, 2016
Gdańsk, Jurata /M8
Jurata - The Pier in Black

I found on the disk some old photos from January – from one of the short walks when I decided to take Leica M8 with me. I like them a lot, so I’ve decided to post it. First a few test photos with Leica M8 taken in Gdańsk during usual activities and in second part […]

Olympus OM10
Gdańsk. The Old Town. View at the Motława River

One of the first results from the recently bought Olympus OM10 with manual adapter. I’ve received the tele lens as a present from my friend and it occurred that it’s with the OM-D mount. Unfortunately I didn’t have Olympus so I had to buy a cheap body to check that lens. As a person with […]

Smena + Trix
Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days.

Recently I have found camera from my childhood: SMIENA [Смена Символ]. I took that from my old house. It was lying around ~15 years unused waiting for the conscious user. Last photos I remember I took with this camera are the photos of Star Wars – A New Hope Episode displayed first time in polish […]

Prague with M8
Prague streets

Some shots from short trip to Prague. Unfortunately I haven’t taken as much photos as I would like to. On that day I had only Digital Leica M8 and film Olympus OM-10. Film still waiting to be developed, but those digital from M8 you can see below.