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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (part 2)
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Second part. This time photos of interiors of the Mosque – it’s huge and monumental. Really majestic – rich ornaments and colors creates the atmosphere. There is a lot of light on the contrary to the old Christian churches. When entering the mosque of course you have to take off […]

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (part 1)
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

On my stay in Abu Dhabi I’ve managed to see the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Despite the heat, on Friday afternoon i took a taxi and visited that one of the biggest Mosques in the world. I must admit that it looks majestic. I went to see it on Friday when mosque was closed […]

September: Flight to Abu Dhabi

In september I had another flight to Abu Dhabi with a stop in Berlin Tegel. Here are the photos taken on that trip.

Leaving Abu Dhabi (August – part 3)
Waiting at the airport - B&W

Leaving Abu Dhabi. Last part with the photos taken during first visit to UAE and Abu Dhabi. In that part photos taken during my trip back home. I love taking photos at the airports – a lot of people, a lot of architecture details, planes… …However I’m not sure whether It was a smart move […]