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Gdańsk Xmas Fair
carrousel at the Xmas fair - Targ Węglowy

A few recent photos. First one is from the meeting with Marcin Gienieczko who alone swam in a canoe the Amazon river – (article). It was very interesting meeting, he spoke about his adventures – and it was great to see the man with a great passion. A few other photos are from the Xmas […]

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (part 2)
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque – Second part. This time photos of interiors of the Mosque – it’s huge and monumental. Really majestic – rich ornaments and colors creates the atmosphere. There is a lot of light on the contrary to the old Christian churches. When entering the mosque of course you have to take off […]

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (part 1)
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

On my stay in Abu Dhabi I’ve managed to see the famous Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Despite the heat, on Friday afternoon i took a taxi and visited that one of the biggest Mosques in the world. I must admit that it looks majestic. I went to see it on Friday when mosque was closed […]

September: Flight to Abu Dhabi

In september I had another flight to Abu Dhabi with a stop in Berlin Tegel. Here are the photos taken on that trip.

Leaving Abu Dhabi (August – part 3)
Waiting at the airport - B&W

Leaving Abu Dhabi. Last part with the photos taken during first visit to UAE and Abu Dhabi. In that part photos taken during my trip back home. I love taking photos at the airports – a lot of people, a lot of architecture details, planes… …However I’m not sure whether It was a smart move […]

Abu Dhabi by Night (August – part 2)
Corniche in the night. 10s f/4 ISO 200

I was expecting that after full day of the heat in the evening there will be weather more suitable for wandering around the city and seeing some interesting places. Unfortunately the humidity in addition with 35 degrees put a spanner in the works. It needs some determination to leave the air conditioned room and go […]

Abu Dhabi (August – part 1)
the village with the Abu Dhabi skyscrapers in the backgroun

Finally I managed to select first part of photos from my trip to United Arab Emirates – to Abu Dhabi. There is a completely different world out there. the difference is visible everywhere. Unfortunately on the photos you cannot see the heat which is always there. During the day 45 degrees Celsius, at night temperature […]

PKM to Gdańsk Airport
View at the PKM train at the Gdańsk Strzyża station.

On 30th of August there was an open day of the PKM railway. It started operational service on 1st of September, but on that day it was free for all visitors wanted to see how the line from Gdańsk Wrzeszcz to the Gdańsk Airport look like. Opened connection from Gdańsk Wrzeszcz to Airport is part […]

Gdansk-Berlin-Dusseldorf-Abu Dhabi
Security check lazy day.

This time a small gallery with some photos taken during flight: Gdańsk-Berlin-Dusseldorf-Abu Dhabi. I was well prepared for the trip – I had two cameras in my hand baggage – one small X100S perfect for that situation and one traditional Konica Hexar AF. I don’t remember whether I took one photo on the film during […]

Olivia Gate
Olivia Business Center - Olivia Tower building in the background between Olivia Gate and Olivia Six

There is happening a lot in 3City. There is being built a lot of new office spaces – especially huge number of office square meters will be available for the companies who want to have their office in Gdańsk a the Olivia Business Center. Below some photos of that area – especially that I have […]

Chłopcy z Nowoszyszek
Paszcza Lwa - dancing lessons with Chłopcy z Nowoszyszek band

Recently I’ve been at the interesting event – dancing lessons with folk music in Paszcza Lwa music club in Gdańsk Oliwa. The guest band was ‘Chłopcy z Nowoszyszek’ playing music from Suwalszczyzna – region in north-east of Poland. Music playing by them is great – very cheerful, great for dancing – especially wonderflul are theirs […]

Flight to Malta
looking outside

It was a longest break in the blog history. I hope it won’t happen again. This time some photos taken during flight to Malta. I hope to post soon next posts taken on the island.

View at the gen. Edward Rydz-Śmigły Bridge over Vistula river and the mouth of the small river Zgłowiączka

Recently I was a few times in Włocławek. One time I’ve decided to go very early to have a some free time in the early morning to take some photos of the City. I like taking photos there – there are many very interesting subjects. I really regret the condition of the tenements in the […]

Warsaw M2 metro line
Violet at the escalator down.

Finally they opened the second metro line in Warsaw. I have to be there and see it at the first day it become operational. For now there are opened 7 stations: Dworzec Wileński, Stadion Narodowy, Centrum Nauki Kopernik, Nowy Świat – Uniwersytet, Świętokrzyska, Rondo ONZ and Rondo Daszyńskiego. Unfortunately I hadn’t free hands and I […]

Gdańsk Shipyard
Stocznia Gdańska / Gdańsk Shipyard in colour - The cranes.

In December I had one free afternoon to go for a photo-walk. I had no idea where to go a first. I started my walk at the end of the Gdańsk Old Town, and decided to head in opposite direction than the centre of the Old Town is. Soon it occurred that I was going […]

Evening in Chomiczówka
walking around with a dog

Today I will post a few photos from short Sunday afternoon walk around Chomiczówka and Bielany district. I had only hour for a short walk and it was getting dark very quickly. I took two or three photos with film camera AE-1 with Trix @400 EI, but quickly it become too dark for such photos. […]

Escalator down - B&W version

Marszałkowska Street is one of the busiest places in the centre of Warsaw. I really like to wander around the streets in that area – very busy are also underpasses under Crossroads of Al. Jerozolimskie and Marszałkowska Street as many people rushing to the Centrum metro station. But even after busy hours there always is […]

The perfect view at Warsaw
View at the PKiN palace with nasty building it the foreground

Until Thursday I had a perfect location for taking the photos of Centre of Warsaw and it’s skyscrapers. I had wonderful view from my work windows. Unfortunately we had to move to another location. Earlier we worked in the very centre of the capital of Poland – near Metro Centrum Station with a view at […]