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Fujifilm Workshops
Like planets

About a week ago I participated the Workshops with Fujifilm entitled ‘Meeting with Master’. It’s a series of workshops in different Polish cities with great photographers shooting the street: Tomasz Lazar, Filip Ćwik and Alex Lambrechts (First two are winners of many awards including World Press Photo). Of course the second aim of the workshops […]

Vilnius, Lithuania

During the long May weekend we managed somehow to get away for a two days to Vilnius in Lithuania. It was great to stop the routine and to visit Vilnius again. I like that city for many reasons – especially for food: different dumplings with meat and potato dishes, also usually there is no problem […]

Bessa R3A + BW400CN

I have no time recently for developing the B&W films, but I still want to shoot in b&w that’s why I’ve decided to load Bessa with BW400CN. I have a good lab where I usually develop c-41 films in one day. What was not obvious I’ve used a new film which hasn’t been expired yet. […]

Flight to Tallinn
Flight from Riga to Tallinn

Recently I had a few occasions to take photos in a different places, different from everyday routine – when I can take photos only on my way to and from work, and sometimes during Sunday walk. A two weeks ago I visited Tallinn. It was official trip from work, but besides that of course it […]

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