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Archive for February, 2014
To Jurmala
Inside the carriage.

Probably last but one post from Latvia. This time photos taken during short trip from Riga To Jurmala – during the summer it’s wonderful spa and tourist resort destination at the Baltic sea, but during the winter small village with wonderful architecture at the seaside. But this post will focus mostly on the travel and […]

Streets of Riga 2
Riga - square at the old town

Second part of the gallery of Streets of Riga. A few photos were taken during the daylight, but at this time of year it’s quickly getting dark, that’s why most of the photos were taken after sunset during late afternoon/night. Take a look at the my view of streets of Riga.

Streets of Riga 1
Streets of Riga. Ģertrūdes Street.

Streets of Riga part 1. On the photos you cannot see that temperature was something around minus 12-14 degrees of Celsius, and such temperature doesn’t encourage to hit the streets to take photos. However I managed to sneak out for a half an hour to take some photos, unfortunately it was already dark. A few […]

Lidosta Rīga
Riga airport.

Lidosta Rīga. Photos from the trip to Riga. First part – some photos from the airport.