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Archive for November, 2013
Retina-Xenar First Photos
Red Gloves.

First tests of the Retina-Xenar lens attached to the Canon EOS 350D body. These photos are just a quick preview of the real lens tests. Those were taken by the way, for example when waiting for the train on my way to work or when going back home.

Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenar
Retina-Xenar f:2,8 50mm Schneider-Kreuznach

Recently I was suddenly hit on an idea to buy some strange lens in some reasonable price. I was influenced a little bit by the one discussion thread on one of the traditional photography portal where someone asked about the photo quality of the Retina-Xenar lens. After some digging I found out some great portrait […]

Street, Pop and Polypan F
perfectly exposed legs waiting for the green light at zebra crossing

After first successful test of Konica Pop when loaded with Equicolor, I’ve wanted to take that camera into a real action. In my fridge I had a roll of Polypan F ISO 50 waiting for the better times. I thought then that It will be a good idea to load Konica Pop with Polypan. Disadvantage […]