Month: October 2013

Bridge in Tczew

I was lucky to buy quite cheap outdated Kodak Ektachrome E100G on the auction portal. I’ve bought many outdated film and usually it’s a lottery. Sometimes you have great material, which doesn’t differ from the new one, sometimes you have good film with a special effect or tone on the scanned photos, and sometimes the Read More

Rewa ‘Popped’ part 2

The time had come for the second part of the Rewa ‘Popped’ photos. Just a few awaited for some free time to scan. It’s wonderful to take a look at the late summer photos now when it’s getting colder and colder. Read More

Colour Warsaw

During weekend, I have no free time for dedicated walk on the streets with the camera, so today I was happy to have a short hour after work, and before the dusk to have short walk around on the streets of Warsaw. I wanted to shoot with film, but quickly it occurred that it become Read More

FujiGS645S with Ilford Delta 3200

Finally I managed to develop the last roll of Ilford Delta 3200 (I have to check in the fridge whether it’s the last one for sure). Some posts before you could see of the moment of loading the film into the camera (post named ‘Unexposed’). You can see on the photos some strange artefacts, because Read More

Warsaw from the train window

Today once more I had camera with me. I’ll post it at once, if I wouldn’t post it immediately probably it would land in electronic drawer and never published. I like those photos, but I wonder whether they are interesting for the objective viewer, like you. Photos of those cones I took during the lunch Read More

My way back home from work

As usual I have not many occasions to take photos. That’s why I usually take camera with me to work. Just in case I will be in good mood for taking photos, or rather in hope to find some interesting frame when going back home. Usually I don’t feel like taking the camera out, or Read More