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B&W: Evening in Warsaw
Evening in Warsaw, Okopowa street, view at the Warsaw Trade Tower.

Evening in Warsaw. First we went for a coffee to a Filtry Cafe – small, nice place with a good coffee, when returning home I took some photos of Warsaw in the evening while driving along the Okopowa street. You can see the building of the Institute of National Remembrance – IPN (Polish: Instytut Pamięci […]

Mazovia from Car
Hay rolls on the mazovian fields

August, some photos of green Mazovian region taken from the car window with X100. This year I wanted to have a dedicated session of the straw rolls in the summer sun catch on the film. Unfortunately those shots are the only ones I’ve got. Maybe the next year.

My cameras: EOS 300V
Canon EOS 300V

When I was young, I always dreamed of the Canon 300V camera. At this time I had only one old russian Smiena and I couldn’t afford to buy such semi-professional camera which costed a lot. A few months ago I fulfilled my dream: I bought an used Canon 300V camera in perfect order – there […]

Rewa ‘Popped’
windsurfer on the calm water of the peaceful side of the Rewa penisula

It’s time to show first part of photos taken with a new camera Konica Pop. I must say that results are quite good, however I have to be more careful when setting the aperture. I usually use the lowest possible aperture mostly because I lack of light almost permanently, and with fixed focus at 2,8m […]

Blue Konica Pop
Konica Pop - front

Recently I found an interesting camera in the web and bought it for a bargain price: 20 PLN including postage. It’s analog 35mm compact camera from Konica – Konica Pop (it was made from 1982 – so it’s not so old). Originally it’s available in many bright colours for example red, blue or yellow. Mine […]

Last GP3
me in the mirror - compulsory photo with a new camera - this time with FUJI.

Last Shanghai GP3. As a quick test I’ve decided to quickly shot some test shots with the last roll Shanghai GP3 which left. I knew that quality of that film is poor (mine rolls) that’s why I knew I’ll quickly shoot whole while without any regret or hesitation. What a pity that those photos doesn’t […]

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