Month: July 2013

The block

One of the blocks of the Piaski district. Warsaw. Block @Piaski district Read More

Even worse GP3

I’ve developed second roll of GP3 – photos taken with Kodak Nettar. It’s even worse than previous one. I could start the gallery of the worst traditional photos & development techniques… Probably I won’t buy that film anymore, even though I saw a good examples – well exposed photos without artefacts. This film was developed Read More

Fed4 with Equicolor

Today photos taken with Fed4 loaded with Equicolor. But the story first… At first I’ve loaded Equicolor into Yashica Electro 35 as I wanted to take some quick random snaps in color. But after I took two or three photos I’ve decided that the viewfinder is too dirty and I have no pleasure in taking Read More

Włocławek / 6×9

Recently I visited Włocławek. I’ve started preparations for that one day short trip a day before. I’ve prepared the backpack, the computer, some documents, photo magazine for reading – but I couldn’t decide which cameras I should take with me. I wanted to have Fuji X100 with me but I couldn’t find a battery charger Read More

Nothing – Ilford Delta 3200 @Xtol

Nothing – Ilford Delta 3200 @Xtol. nothing nothing Read More