Month: June 2013


Mercedes – photos taken at work during some meeting :) . View from the window at the Mercedes building. Mercedes building Mercedes building Main entrance to the Mercedes car dealer. Mercedes building Read More

Sunday bike

On Sunday I had finally an hour or two to sit on a bike and go for a short trip – first time this summer. Of course it was a great opportunity to take camera with me and finish the roll of Equicolor (Fuji) in FED4 camera – which I recently found in my treasure Read More


One of the Żoliborz backyards with some kind of workshop – hardly visible in the dark hole of the doorway. Shot as the only one frame from a short photo-walk around Żoliborz. Backayard Photo taken with Canon AE-1 Program with 28mm Sigma lens and loaded with HP5+ Read More

From the drawer: Bled Lake, Slovenia.

From the drawer: 2009, Bled Lake, Slovenia. Bled Lake, Slovenia Bled Lake, Slovenia Read More

FF/BF Rolleiflex 2.8C Test on GP3

During the weekend I’ve decided finally to do some Backfocus/Frontfocus tests on my Rolleiflex 2.8C. I had a suspicion that camera has backfocus – everytime I took a portrait the focus plane was at the back of the head even though I correctly focused on eyes, I couldn’t believe that I was always wrong. On Read More