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Xmas Tree 2013
Xmas tree 2013

Xmas Tree 2013. Today only one photo of the Xmas Tree, moreover this photo is out of focus… Even though this photo is quite nice.

Xmas illuminations
2013 Xmas tree in Warsaw

On Saturday evening I was on the short walk around the old town to see this year’s illuminations. At 5pm they turned it on and I wanted to take some shots of the city with the Xmas decorations. And that’s how it looked:

Retina-Xenar First Photos
Red Gloves.

First tests of the Retina-Xenar lens attached to the Canon EOS 350D body. These photos are just a quick preview of the real lens tests. Those were taken by the way, for example when waiting for the train on my way to work or when going back home.

Schneider-Kreuznach Retina-Xenar
Retina-Xenar f:2,8 50mm Schneider-Kreuznach

Recently I was suddenly hit on an idea to buy some strange lens in some reasonable price. I was influenced a little bit by the one discussion thread on one of the traditional photography portal where someone asked about the photo quality of the Retina-Xenar lens. After some digging I found out some great portrait […]

Street, Pop and Polypan F
perfectly exposed legs waiting for the green light at zebra crossing

After first successful test of Konica Pop when loaded with Equicolor, I’ve wanted to take that camera into a real action. In my fridge I had a roll of Polypan F ISO 50 waiting for the better times. I thought then that It will be a good idea to load Konica Pop with Polypan. Disadvantage […]

Bridge in Tczew
The bridge

I was lucky to buy quite cheap outdated Kodak Ektachrome E100G on the auction portal. I’ve bought many outdated film and usually it’s a lottery. Sometimes you have great material, which doesn’t differ from the new one, sometimes you have good film with a special effect or tone on the scanned photos, and sometimes the […]

Rewa ‘Popped’ part 2
Rewa, View at kite surfers from the sand level

The time had come for the second part of the Rewa ‘Popped’ photos. Just a few awaited for some free time to scan. It’s wonderful to take a look at the late summer photos now when it’s getting colder and colder.

Colour Warsaw
Silhouettes in the light of the one of the gates in Warsaw Centre

During weekend, I have no free time for dedicated walk on the streets with the camera, so today I was happy to have a short hour after work, and before the dusk to have short walk around on the streets of Warsaw. I wanted to shoot with film, but quickly it occurred that it become […]

FujiGS645S with Ilford Delta 3200
coffee break

Finally I managed to develop the last roll of Ilford Delta 3200 (I have to check in the fridge whether it’s the last one for sure). Some posts before you could see of the moment of loading the film into the camera (post named ‘Unexposed’). You can see on the photos some strange artefacts, because […]

Warsaw from the train window
View from the train window.

Today once more I had camera with me. I’ll post it at once, if I wouldn’t post it immediately probably it would land in electronic drawer and never published. I like those photos, but I wonder whether they are interesting for the objective viewer, like you. Photos of those cones I took during the lunch […]

My way back home from work
Crowd near the Warszawa Centrum metro station.

As usual I have not many occasions to take photos. That’s why I usually take camera with me to work. Just in case I will be in good mood for taking photos, or rather in hope to find some interesting frame when going back home. Usually I don’t feel like taking the camera out, or […]

B&W: Evening in Warsaw
Evening in Warsaw, Okopowa street, view at the Warsaw Trade Tower.

Evening in Warsaw. First we went for a coffee to a Filtry Cafe – small, nice place with a good coffee, when returning home I took some photos of Warsaw in the evening while driving along the Okopowa street. You can see the building of the Institute of National Remembrance – IPN (Polish: Instytut Pamięci […]

Mazovia from Car
Hay rolls on the mazovian fields

August, some photos of green Mazovian region taken from the car window with X100. This year I wanted to have a dedicated session of the straw rolls in the summer sun catch on the film. Unfortunately those shots are the only ones I’ve got. Maybe the next year.

My cameras: EOS 300V
Canon EOS 300V

When I was young, I always dreamed of the Canon 300V camera. At this time I had only one old russian Smiena and I couldn’t afford to buy such semi-professional camera which costed a lot. A few months ago I fulfilled my dream: I bought an used Canon 300V camera in perfect order – there […]

Rewa ‘Popped’
windsurfer on the calm water of the peaceful side of the Rewa penisula

It’s time to show first part of photos taken with a new camera Konica Pop. I must say that results are quite good, however I have to be more careful when setting the aperture. I usually use the lowest possible aperture mostly because I lack of light almost permanently, and with fixed focus at 2,8m […]

Blue Konica Pop
Konica Pop - front

Recently I found an interesting camera in the web and bought it for a bargain price: 20 PLN including postage. It’s analog 35mm compact camera from Konica – Konica Pop (it was made from 1982 – so it’s not so old). Originally it’s available in many bright colours for example red, blue or yellow. Mine […]

Last GP3
me in the mirror - compulsory photo with a new camera - this time with FUJI.

Last Shanghai GP3. As a quick test I’ve decided to quickly shot some test shots with the last roll Shanghai GP3 which left. I knew that quality of that film is poor (mine rolls) that’s why I knew I’ll quickly shoot whole while without any regret or hesitation. What a pity that those photos doesn’t […]


Unexposed. Ilford Delta 3200 loaded in Fuji 645. Ready for photos. Unexposed. Ilford delta 3200 As you may already have guessed Fuji 645 is my new camera hunted down on the UK ebay. I decided that I want to try take some shots with that camera. In fact I was thinking about Mamiya 7 or […]

The block
The block

One of the blocks of the Piaski district. Warsaw. Block @Piaski district

Even worse GP3
Even worse GP3

I’ve developed second roll of GP3 – photos taken with Kodak Nettar. It’s even worse than previous one. I could start the gallery of the worst traditional photos & development techniques… Probably I won’t buy that film anymore, even though I saw a good examples – well exposed photos without artefacts. This film was developed […]

Fed4 with Equicolor
Fed4 with Equicolor

Today photos taken with Fed4 loaded with Equicolor. But the story first… At first I’ve loaded Equicolor into Yashica Electro 35 as I wanted to take some quick random snaps in color. But after I took two or three photos I’ve decided that the viewfinder is too dirty and I have no pleasure in taking […]

Włocławek / 6×9
Włocławek / 6×9

Recently I visited Włocławek. I’ve started preparations for that one day short trip a day before. I’ve prepared the backpack, the computer, some documents, photo magazine for reading – but I couldn’t decide which cameras I should take with me. I wanted to have Fuji X100 with me but I couldn’t find a battery charger […]

Nothing – Ilford Delta 3200 @Xtol
Nothing – Ilford Delta 3200 @Xtol

Nothing – Ilford Delta 3200 @Xtol. nothing nothing

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Mercedes – photos taken at work during some meeting :) . View from the window at the Mercedes building. Mercedes building Mercedes building Main entrance to the Mercedes car dealer. Mercedes building