Month: November 2012

Saturday – Green Caffe Nero

Some photos taken with FujiFilm X100 from the Saturday trip for a coffee to the Green Caffe Nero. I took also some photos with Konica Auto S3, however I think twice when shooting with film, that’s why 36 frames is a lot especially when you spend more of your time at work – you have Read More

Old Town Market Place

On the late Sunday afternoon I’ve decided to grab the camera and go for a short walk – just before the basketball game which was starting on 5:30 pm. Because I usually get up late during weekend I have just a few hours of daylight to take photos during winter. The same was that Sunday, Read More

Warsaw street with Vitomatic

Some random shots from the Warsaw street taken with Voigtländer Vitomatic I loaded with Equicolor Super G. B&W photos were converted from color on purpose. First snow in Warsaw, heavy and wet Tram at the Słomińskiego Street some people in the underground passage under Słomińskiego St. Stairs – exit from the platforms of Dworzec Gdański Read More

Suwalszczyzna /Voigtländer Vitomatic I

Previous post with photos taken with digital (FujiFilm X100) you can check here. Below you can see some shots taken with Voigtländer Vitomatic I loaded with colour Equicolor Super G 100. Some frames are almost the same so you can compare the results… Puńsk (2nd photo), and landscape on the Lithuanian side of the border Read More

Cyrk Zalewski

When I saw Zalewski Circus (Cyrk Zalewski) putting up at the Wola district I knew I had to go there and take some photos. Unfortunately taking photos during the day collides a little bit with my work, so I had to shoot some photos during the night with digital. The results were nice however I Read More

Ania with mushrooms

Autumn portrait of Ania with mushrooms she found. Ania, Autumn, October 2012 [Rolleiflex 2.8C F2.8, T-MAX 100 exp. 2006, ID11(1+3), t=11:30, 24,5°] Read More

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