Month: October 2012

Dworzec Gdański

In that post there are some photos which I took recently, when going back home from work. I especially like that photo of the underground passage in high-key. I won’t lie that everything was planned I recently shooting only manual mode, and I wanted to quickly take this frame and I had no time to Read More

Photos forbidden ! Private area.

“Photos forbidden ! Private area!” those words I’ve heard when taking photos of another underground passage. I was surprised as it was a normal public place crowded during the day. There was a security guard in the passage who rushed to me saying that that’s private place and it’s forbidden to take photos. I knew Read More

Foggy Warsaw, Trams

Foggy Warsaw, Trams. Recently I’m having the X100 with me when going to work. I always have hope to take some interesting photos on my way. Unfortunately everyday the same route doesn’t help in catching some interesting frame. Monday was perfect for some outdoor foggy photos with TMAX, unfortunately I had to work, so those Read More


Some photos of architecture – shapes and lights of Prosta Tower – recently erected building. When getting closer – you can see many interesting frames there. View at the top of the building. Lights. Sandwiches. Shapes of the fa├žade. Read More

The kiss

“The kiss on the breakwater.” Photo taken during the evening walk along the Sopot peer. Just a quick decision to take a photo to catch “the decisive moment” – as the Henri Cartier-Bresson call it. One of a few moments when I got it. The Kiss On The Breakwater Read More

Some photos with Auto S3 and AgfaVista

A few photos taken with Konica Auto S3 and Agfa Vista 200. I was disappointed of the results at first but now after a few weeks when I look at them I like it more. Some photos have been converted to B&W on purpose – I think they look better that way. Photos taken mostly Read More

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