Month: February 2012

Yashica 44, Solution 200

Well, I have finally developed film from the Yashica 44 loaded with 35mm film – Solution 200. As I wrote you this film is dedicated for the tests because of it price, however I saw in some galleries quite nice shots taken with that film. Results are quite interesting, I must say that I like Read More

Długa Street. Warsaw

A few photos taken when on my way for a meeting with a friend at the Old Town (Warsaw). I didn’t feel like taking photos during the bus trip so I took only a few later on the streets. The last photo was taken during the hopeless tries to calibrate my manual light meters when Read More

14th of February in Color

14th of February in Color… Some shots taken on that day. If you’re interested what’s at the poster use google translator – there will be much more fun when the you discover it by yourself ;) [EDIT] Ok, just a little help. On the second poster there is a word ‘KUPAŁY’ with ‘Ł’ inside. And Read More

Bielany in the evening

Photos taken during short walk at my surroundings, of course I couldn’t leave home without camera in my hand. I really like those B&W photos in winter during the night. And no problems with White Balance on that setting ;) If only I had higher ISO settings… sometimes it’s hard to keep steady camera with Read More

Saturday walk in Wrzeszcz

Last Saturday while in Gdańsk I packed into my backpack two cameras – one traditional Voigtlander Vitomatic loaded with Color film, and digital EOS 50D with EF 17-55 and additionally small EF 28mm just in case to jacket pocket. I hoped to take some photos during the daylight with traditional Voigtlander loaded with ISO200 film. Read More

Posejnele Rolleiflex Auto 3.5

Taking twelve photos of the medium format sometimes takes a long time, especially when you have film loaded in a few cameras which you want to test. Besides taking photos with the traditional camera it’s completely different when comparing to the digital when you can take 12 shots in a few minutes. The B&W film Read More

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