Month: December 2011

Xmas Fair – Gdańsk

Just before Christmas there is always a traditional Fair with some traditional food, some clothes and some hand made Christmas tree decorations. It’s really nice to walk around just to feel the before Christmas atmosphere. Of course it’s also great to try some local food and beer made by the small local manufactures from different Read More

Repair Yashica Electro – Lvl Advanced 2

In one of the previous posts I’ve promised continuation of the report from the repairs of the Yashica Electro 35. Here it is. Below you can see the photos taken during the efforts to bring the camera to life. As you can see some vital parts had to be dismounted to get access to the Read More

Xmas Tree

Traditional every year photo of the Xmas Tree…Of course with wishes: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Xmas Tree /2011 Xmas Tree /2011 Xmas Tree /2011 Read More

Gallery Vittoro Emmanuele II Panorama

Gallery Vittoro Emmanuele II, Milano – Panorama: Read More

First snow this year… (Seasons from the window)

The Seasons from the window project. First snow this year… the new layer of the white on the outside world. First Snow This Year. From the WIndow. First Snow This Year. From the WIndow. Read More

Yashica 44 with 35mm film

A free evening. Time for things which are waiting in the queue to take care of them. First – fixing the Yashica Electro 35 (the gallery from the advanced repair part 2 is still waiting for posting). After exposing the whole colour film Solution VX200 for 1.50zł (developing the film costs 8.50zł so it\s 6 Read More

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