Month: November 2011

Street Photo Now !

Recently I’ve posted a few posts not so interesting for everyone – about the cameras, repeairing and technical stuff. There were not much usual photos posted here – time to change it and post some recent stuff – quite fresh as photos were taken on Sunday on quite interesting photo exhibition ‘Street Photography Now’ – Read More

Rolleiflex collection

Currently I’m in the middle of camera sell-buy process that’s why currently I’m owner of the nice Rolleiflex/Yashica collection :) . On the photos there is no Yashica Mat camera which is already packed and waiting for postage. Unfrotunately it’s temporary state, as I cannot afford for the all of them. Some – like Baby Read More

Repair Yashica Electro – lvl advanced

Do you remember the post about fixing the Yashica Electro 35? I was changing the light seals in the camera… (The post was here.) Recently there was time for the level advanced with another camera – the same model. The camera electronically was dead – no lights – arrows when too dark or to bright. Read More

EFKE 127 – 4×4 B&W

Recently I’ve managed to develop and scan the film EFKE 127 R 100 from Rolleiflex 4×4 Gray Baby. I had to find a lab which could do that because it’s non standard film nowadays, so it can be done only in manual process. I’ve found the lab which specializes in White&Black photography – just Read More

New Multipurpose L-Lens

Well… I’ve received a nice present. Multipurpose L-quality Lens (of course made in China). Take a look :) Multipurpose L-quality lens… Multipurpose L-quality lens… Multipurpose L-quality lens… Nice, don’t you think ? :) It will be the pleasure to drink coffee from such cup :) Because I’m selling Baby Rolleiflex I couldn’t stay with semi-medium Read More

Yashica Macro

Because I’m selling my two TLR cameras: Yashica Mat, and Rolleiflex 4×4 Baby Gray, I’ve decided to take some close shots of those cameras. I won’t lie, I’m also inspired by some photos I’ve found in the net when looking for logo of Yashica Company, and besides I’ve remembered that I somewhere had an old Read More

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