Month: September 2011

“Stara Wędzarnia”

“Stara Wędzarnia” – Sobieszewo Island. Nice place. Soon in just a few days it will be the place of the quite important event… So today just the preview of this place – “in natural state” i mean without all those dedicated decorations… Stara Wędzarnia Stara Wędzarnia Stara Wędzarnia Fishing boat parked at the pier near Read More

Gdańsk Dockyard workers’ tenements [HDR]

Gdańsk Dockyard workers’ tenements [HDR]. It was a sunny September day, with the sun warm and low… really great for the taking photos. That time we’ve decided to find out a fine place connected somehow to the Gdańsk Shipyard. So we found the Robotnicza Street which ends with dead end, and is adjacent to the Read More

Gdańsk Oliwa walk

Gdańsk Oliwa walk – obviously with the camera with the wide lens attached. It’s a really nice and very peaceful district with really nice tenements and streets made of rocks. Take a look at these photos and feel the atmosphere of that area. The last photo is very interesting taken through the window of the Read More

Heavy Clouds over Bielany

Late summer, end of August, heavy clouds over Bielany district… Heavy Clouds over Bielany Heavy Clouds over Bielany Heavy Clouds over Bielany And now the bonus quite hot photo here (just to not to start a new dedicated post for the one photo). Photo taken during short stop to john at the gas station. Taken Read More

Baby Rolleiflex

Well… as a big boy I have a lot of toys, however always the new one is warmly welcomed. This time I managed to hunt down the Baby Rolleiflex Camera (4×4). Model K5, SERIAL NO. 2037412… Probably from 60’s. It’s in really great condition, just slightly used. [EDIT] I’ve found webpage with serial numbers of Read More

Quick walk around

During the late lunch time I’ve decided to take with me some different camera stuff than usual. I found at the shelf Canon EOS350D, and decided to take with me some primes with M42 mount. I took Pentacon MC 135mm f/2.8, and russian MC Helios-44M-4 58mm 1:2 with me. During the whole walk I was Read More

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