Month: August 2011

Yashica Electro Tests – Film 2

Quickly after first test film even don’t knowing the results I’ve decided to put the next one to the Yashica Electro (Kodak Color Plus ISO200). What is strange photos from that film have colors more saturated and more natural what is strange because that film was from the same tripack. Shots from that film were Read More

Yashica Electro Tests – Warsaw

Other photos from the same film (Yashica Electro 35 GSN loaded with expired film Kodak Color Plus 200). This time from the random places in Warsaw. For some time I had camera almost always with me so photos are from the different events. However it was a good test for the camera. Soon I will Read More

Yashica Electro Tests – Wola

Well do you remember post ‘Fixing Yashica Electro’ ? I was changing there light seals of the camera and I wrote that we will have to wait for the first tests to check the results and whether I did it good. I did. Of course the first film which was used for testing was old Read More

Eurobasket 2011 Lithuania

Time to start preparation for the visit to the Lithuania for the Eurobasket 2011. I’ve prepared especially for that occasion logo. Here it is: Logo for the game And here is one of the ticket for that event… Ticket for the games in Alytus Having such a good day for preparing logos I’ve prepared one Read More

Magda i Darek in Digital

Well during processing photos for the young couple I’ve selected just a few photos taken with the Digital as the addition to the previous post where there were only portraits taken with Yashica TLR. Photos taken with 50D with wide Sigma 10-20 and Canon EFS 17-55 f/2.8… Magda and Darek. The Wedding. Magda and Darek. Read More

Visit to Baltic Arena

Finally the PGE Baltic Arena was finished. The Fire Department as well as Police decided that Arena is safe and can be used. Because of that it was organized an open day for all visitors. Great occasion to see the Stadium thoroughly from different angles. During the football games probably there will be a lot Read More

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