Month: July 2011

Rain from Window

Rain from the window… I still have to train to catch the perfect shot of such weather. Rain from window Rain from window Rain from window Read More

Waltz until Tuesday… ‘Umieć umieli ale tak za dobrze to nie…’

Waltz until Tuesday. Just PERFECT. Great, great thanks to Franciszek Racis… also great thanks to ‘muzykanty’. I can listen it all the time. Read More


Ushuaia – the proof that we’ve been there. First – the GPS reading if the photos are not enough and like some people You believe also that Americans only in Hollywood landed on the moon. I hope that GPS parameters will be enough :) And the second photo is of course compulsory photo of the Read More

Rewa Kites

Welcome in Rewa – Kitesurfers’ Paradise… Rewa Kites Rewa Kites Rewa Kites Rewa Kites Read More

Berlin B&W Photos – FED4, Ilford PAN 400

Now it’s the right time to process other analogue photos. This time from the Russian rangefinder camera Fed4 loaded with black and white film Ilford PAN 400… It’s my second roll of film in that camera. This time it ended almost a success, vast majority of photos were correctly exposured, there were almost no wasted Read More

Berlin B&W Photos – AE-1, AGFA

Well, those photos where taken during quite a long period of time. First photo: Ania at the some kind of well at the ‘Rynek Nowego Miasta’ (Market of the New City) in Warsaw was taken probably in December 2010. Others, from Berlin were taken during the New Year’s Eve and first days of the New Read More

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