Month: June 2011

Yashica Electro 35 GSN

Well… another one to the collection. Well soon I will have no space to store those cameras. However that one came quite a long road to my hands. Well it was hunted down on American eBay for a great price. On the polish market – polish the most popular auction webpage currently there are only Read More

B&W FED4 Photos – The Mirror

And here the results of the first shot from the FED4 camera. You can see the overexposed part of the film – which was the real start and the test shot number “0” with that camera. Well I was lucky (or educated enough ?) to set the correct exposure manually based on the readings from Read More

The May Sacrament

A little bit late… however traditional family event worth freezing as still images… For today just a preview… First that one: The May Sacrament And now the other photos… The May Sacrament The May Sacrament The Sacrament The Sacrament The Sacrament And here some additional photos… not exactly connected with the first communion… However how Read More

Lighthouse in New Port district part 2

I’ve decided to finish the previous post and add more photos from that small excursion, especially that the day was wonderful for the color photos. First a two nice photos after small post-processing. The first one – the Lighthouse with the Green B&W Filter : Lighthouse through the Green B&W Filter And the second photo Read More


Some random manholes of Warsaw… manholes of Warsaw – old telco manhole (2011-05) manholes of Warsaw – new SPEC manhole (2011-05) Read More

Lighthouse in New Port district

The sunny sunday was a great day for a small walk — with camera of course. This time we’ve headed towards the districts Brzeźno and Nowy Port of Gdańsk. Somehow we’ve landed in Nowy Port district – at the Passenger part of the Port. Except the terminal there is also harbour master’s office and the Read More

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