Month: December 2010

Martial Law Anniversary (part2)

The continuation of the previous entry. The rest of the photos taken on my way back home after seeing the end of the event of reconstruction of the introducing the Martial Law in PL. All those photos taken with EOS350mm and the Canon cheap prime 28mm. Interesting those photos with the PKiN (Palace of the Read More

Some family history…

…every family has it’s own history So does mine. Sometimes it’s great to hear a great story and see some old photos (of course in reasonable amount). A few days ago I’ve received from my Aunt the old photos of my family members with question whether is possible to do something with them – like Read More

Uyuni reminescence

Uyuni reminscence… checking how it looks like upside down… (Uyuni, Bolivia, Sth. America 2008) Uyuni Upside Down And one more great photo from Arequipa, Peru. Women in local clothes, they still wearing the traditional clothes without any special holiday or occassion. There were also not wearing them especially for tourist. Tradition is still present there Read More

Martial Law Anniversary

On 13th of December there was the anniversary of the introducing the Martial Law in Poland in 1981 ( More about it you can read in wikipedia ). In fact i was late from work for the event – reconstruction of protests of group of students at the Castle Square at the time of introducing Read More

Random photos from Gdańsk

Well, time for some random photos from the december from Gdańsk. First the photo from the window, through the genuine, hand made net curtains from my grand-grand mother… really nice and precise work… The next shots – the two photos of the old standing clock… probably from the 30s… really nice one – you can Read More

Winter in Gdańsk HDR

Winter in Gdańsk HDR. The day before i was there in the evening and i thought that i have to return there during the day… The next day I’ve returned for a photo… after a few shots I’ve decided that i should change to RAW as it may be a nice HDR photo. Unfortunately i Read More

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