Month: September 2010

2years ago… Entering Bolivia

Because not continuing paying for the domain from now on all photos from there (Peru, Bolivia) are available on the server (in fact it always was here). What’s more i don’t feel like updating the galleries available there – which in the original idea should be only from the South America at this Read More

Polish NORAD

Polish NORAD – HQ of the Polish Land Army (Warsaw). Polish Norad Read More

Warsaw In Rain From Car

On one day i had to go on evening to the opposite side of Warsaw in the heavy rain by car. I’ve decided to take my camera with me – one never know when there will be possibility to take some photos. I was right. Maybe it’s not to safe thing to drive and take Read More

Warmia: Chojnowo, Sokolnik

Some photos from the Warmia region. Polish rural landscapes… Warmia: Sokolnik landscape Some views of the Chojnowo village at Warmia region. Really nice warm photos of the Polish rural areas… Warmia: Chojnowo Warmia: Chojnowo Warmia: Chojnowo And now some photos of different village – Sokolnik also Warmia. In the past those areas belonged to Germany Read More

The Clock

Time to catch up a little bit with my photos. A lot of work – no time for posting… First the photos of the old clock… when you are close you can even feel that that clock has a soul, and a little mist of the history and mystery around. Big moving heart and stable Read More

Warsaw’s Skyscrapers

Warsaw’s Skyscrapers. View from the balcony. At last good weather and you can see something far… so it was an occasion to take some photos – this time with tele 70-200mm – View of the modern buildings in Warsaw. Warsaw’s Skyscrapers Warsaw’s Skyscrapers Read More

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