Month: July 2010

Tenements, 5-10-15

Imagine – there is well renovated, nice-looking part of Warsaw: Trzech Krzyży (Three Crosses) Square. There are shops, restaurants, bars and open gardens where fashionable and young people, citizens (and not) of Warsaw, the Capital, eating expensive dinners after work… Plac Trzech Krzyży (Three Crosses Square) Plac Trzech Krzyży (Three Crosses Square) … But… when Read More

Modlin, Janówek in B&W

Well, a lot of photos still waiting for processing, however when I opened the library I’ve noticed the photo of the tunnel of the Janówek’s Forts… and I thought it should look great in B&W and cropped to the box, and now it looks much more better. What’s interesting this tunnel photo as those two Read More

A New Analog Toy

Recently I’ve bought a new Toy – an analog SLR Camera in very good condition. It’s Canon AE-1 Program. It’s not so old, however this model was made in 80’s. The AE-1 whas first Canon SLR camera with the processor inside. AE-1 Program it’s modified later version with Automatic Exposure and Automatic Aperture modes. I’ve Read More

Hot here

It’s my friend during those days… Ventilatooooor! Ventilatooooor ! Ventilatoooooor ! Ventilatoooooor ! Read More

New Gallery: 2010-07-11 Bike Pomiechówek-Dębe-Zegrze-Wawa

New Gallery: 2010-07-11 Bike Pomiechówek-Dębe-Zegrze-Wawa Read More


Well, that was my last whole day bike trip. In more detail track was: the local train to Pomiechówek in the morning, and then by bike: Pomiechówek-Modlin-Janówek-Okunin-Janówek-Kałuszyn-Dębe-Zegrze-Nieporęt-Beniaminów-Zegrze-Warszawa. The whole trip was 105km by bike (at least, as my bike meter reseted twice). Quite a bit. Fortunately it was almost flat except the sandy terrains in Read More

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