Month: January 2009


Company party – trip to Nynäshamn. First here some shots from the ferry ‘Scandinavia’ – during that 18 hour trip many times i was wandering on the decks of the ferry… here is the preview of the result of those walks… PŻB – Scandinavia PŻB – Scandinavia PŻB – Scandinavia Soon (i hope) i will Read More

Trekking day 3 & 4

Finally i’ve managed to prepare new galleries from Peru. Here you can see some other shots from Day 3 and 4 of Trekking. Day 3 – photos from the part of trip after leaving the Choquequirao City and walking towards Maisal, and the second gallery is from the Day 4 – trip from Maisal to Read More

Cementerio del Trenes

Some flashbacks from Bolivia for a change -The Uyuni Salt Flats. Here some shots from “Cementerio del Trenes” – Train Graveyard in Bolivia. It’s very interesting place, especially when you like places like that. I hope i’ll manage to prepare full gallery from that place to show how it looked like. For now just three Read More

B&W Squares

[ B&W ] ‘Most Gdański’ [ B&W ] ‘Doorcase hook’ [ B&W ] ‘Door lock’ [ B&W ] ‘Hooks’ [ B&W ] ‘The Window. Closed.’ [ B&W ] ‘Come In.’ Read More

Memories… La Paz

Memories… from La Paz – Bolivia… [2008-09-16] On the photo far away on the mountainside you can see El Alto – another city which combines with La Paz metropolitan area… From the wikipedia: “Nuestra Señora de La Paz is the administrative capital of Bolivia, as well as the departmental capital of La Paz Department. As Read More


The special place… welcome, come in !! hello ! please, come in ! And here some others, also interesting photos :) The Special Place The Special Place The Special Place The Special Place The Special Place The Special Place The Special Place The Special Place The Special Place Read More

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