Month: December 2008

Carl Zeiss Jena

MC Flektogon 2,4 / 35 Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Old lens, but in the hands of experienced photographer – results can be astonishing… MC Flektogon 2,4 / 35 Read More

La Paz Electricity

It’s strange how thay plan the electricity lines in Capital of Bolivia – La Paz (it’s strange, because i think that constitutional capital is Sucre). However please take a look at those poles with those lines. Imagine that you have to work in such conditions… La Paz Electricity La Paz Electricity La Paz Electricity Read More


I had no time to post some photos recently, however i managed to optimize a little bit main page of the photo blog to load this page a little bit quicker. I also found a spam entries hidden (style position absolute -2000px) on the main page advertising some blue pills… I fought a half of Read More

another shots from Prague

And here some other shots from Prague. Unfortunately recently i have no time for preparing the gallery… but i can always post some random selected photos… Prague 1 Prague 1 Prague 1 Prague 1 Read More